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|March 09, 2022

Because country-wide passenger rail can provide transportation that reduces green-house gas emissions and creates good, stable jobs in Canada;

Because Canada already has an extensive rail network that can serve as the base for enhanced and improved passenger rail services to communities across the country;

Because the risk of privatization will undermine the existing passenger rail services available to Canadians and could further reduce available options for travel;

Because passenger rail should be supported in Canada as a high quality and safe public service and should provide increased routes and frequencies to serve the needs of people in Canada;

Local Union *** endorses Unifor's national campaign to have governments invest in passenger rail;

Local Union *** will actively promote the campaign with members and encourage members to take part in campaign actions and events;

Local Union *** will write a letter to the Minister of Transport calling for the adoption of a Via Rail Act in Parliament and committing to long-term sustainable passenger rail funding;

Local Union *** will aim to secure a meeting with representatives of municipal council in communities along existing VIA rail routes, and where routes need to be restored, to seek support for this campaign;

Local Union *** will present a resolution supporting the campaign at Unifor's upcoming Constitutional Convention.

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